Release notes

A detailed description of the changes that are made in each update. Please note that during the alpha stage, backwards and forwards compatibility are not guaranteed!

NeuralFit 0.2.2 (11-02-2023)

  • Fixed epoch status printing in Jupyter and Colab notebooks
  • Fixed step time value

NeuralFit 0.2.1 (11-02-2023)

  • Changed numpy version to oldest-supported-numpy
  • Made tensorflow optional, it can now be installed via pip install neuralfit[keras] if necessary

NeuralFit 0.2.0 (05-02-2023)

  • Fixed odd population sizes leading to crashes.
  • Fixed bug within evolution algorithm that would lead to degraded performance.
  • Better and more verbose checking of array shapes.
  • Added recurrent neural networks!

NeuralFit 0.1.6 (14-01-2023)

  • Enabled server certificate authentication to improve security.
  • Switched to static linking of third party libraries to avoid shipping certificate .so’s and .dll’s.
  • Removed support for win32 builds.

NeuralFit 0.1.5 (10-01-2023)

NeuralFit 0.1.4 (07-01-2023)

  • Updated issues tracker page on PyPI.

NeuralFit 0.1.3 (07-01-2023)

  • Fixed double inclusion of .so files in manylinux builds.

NeuralFit 0.1.2 (06-01-2023)

  • Fixed DLL import error on more Windows machines.

NeuralFit 0.1.1 (06-01-2023)

  • Fixed DLL import error on Windows machines.

NeuralFit 0.1.0 (06-01-2023)

The initial alpha release! Visit the documentation for a detailed overview of all the features.