Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions of use apply to to any software distributed by NeuralFit. By using our software, you agree to these terms of use. It applies to both free and paid licenses. NeuralFit reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions periodically for changes.

1. Licensing and refunds

1.1 License subscriptions run indefinitely and are renewed at the chosen interval (monthly or yearly). Your payment method will be automatically billed at the start of each term. If billing fails, your license subscription will be cancelled immediately.

1.1 You may cancel your license subscription at any time. After cancellation, the license will be valid until the end of the current term. It is not necessary to specify a reason for cancellation.

1.2 Licenses sold on the website (https://neuralfit.net) are strictly for personal use. You may not share your license key with other individuals. You may not use the license key on more than three devices.

1.3 There are no refunds. Licenses are paid for in advance and will not be refunded afterwards. In addition, no refunds will be made for bugs, bad results or downage of the license server that disables limitations of paid licenses.

1.4 NeuralFit reserves the right to cancel a license at any time. Particularly, NeuralFit may cancel your license if you violate any of the clauses listed in the terms and conditions. In case a license is cancelled by NeuralFit, the money paid for the cancelled portion of the term will be returned.

1.5 Neuralfit reserves the right to change license limitations at any time. Natually, this will be communicated with you in advance giving you time to cancel your license.

1.6 The price of your license subscription will not change without your explicit consent.

2. Data

2.1 NeuralFit only stores data that is absolutely necessary to guarantee trouble-free usage of its software. This may include your full name, e-mail address and license key for license validation purposes. In addition, it may collect your IP addresses to make sure you do not violate the license restrictions related to a maximum number of devices.

2.2 Payment details required for paid licenses are not stored on the servers of NeuralFit. They are only stored by the payment providers, Chargebee and Mollie.

2.3 NeuralFit does not redistribute your personal data to any third parties besides the payment providers.

2.4 You may at any time request an overview of your data stored on NeuralFit servers. Such a request can be made by sending an e-mail to info@neuralfit.net from the e-mail address linked to your account.

2.5 You may at any time request deletion of your data stored on NeuralFit servers. Such a request can be made by sending an e-mail to info@neuralfit.net from the e-mail address linked to your account. Note that your active licenses will be immediately terminated, without a refund.

3. Liability

3.1 NeuralFit is not liable for any damage caused by malfunctioning of its software or services.

3.2 NeuralFit is not liable for any damages caused by (malicous) third-party dependencies.

3.3 There is no guarantee that versions other than the most recent version of NeuralFit will work during the alpha phase.

3.4 NeuralFit does not guarantee that its software will provide better results than other competitors. There is no free lunch.

4. Intellectual property

4.1 Do not (attempt to) redestribute the source code or built binaries. The only allowed location to download NeuralFit software is from the Python Package Index.

4.2 Do not (attempt to) modify or reverse engineer the built binaries.

4.3 Do not resell/rebrand our products and services.

4.4 Do not intentionally overload our license servers.